There is no greater way to experience God’s love then when you grasp the concept that He knows you perfectly.  Psalm 139 is my favorite scripture when I need to feel God is close to me because it makes God personal, or intimate.

Psalm 139:16 (KJV): Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was not of them.

When we translate this from Hebrew, its original language, we get:superbusiness

Thine eyes did see

My substance = “golem” (גֹּלֶם), and means: embryo or fetus

yet being unperfect; and in thy book

All my members = “yatsur” (יְצֻרִים) and means:  forms, members (of the body)

were written,

which in continuance = “yowm” (יוֹם) and means:  lifetime

were fashioned =“yatsar” (יָצַר) and means: formed or created.

When we put it together in English, we get:

“Your eyes saw me as a fetus/embryo, being imperfect [born into sin],
yet in your book you formed my body
[your mind, emotions, feelings, personality, character, looks, etc.],
and created my lifetime before it even began”.

This, in itself is pretty fascinating.  But it even gets better when we look at it genetically!  Through the process of the cell division meiosis, a mothers ova and a fathers sperm fuse together (or fertilize) to form a zygote, which then grows into an embryo, then fetus, and then a child.  Through genetics, we know that a child gets half of their genetics, or DNA, from their mother, and half from their father.  What is cool, is that through the different ways the genes (or chromosomes) are able to come together, will determine the physical form of the child.  This is because the genetic information (DNA) is a code for proteins, and determines which proteins are made and by how much.  These proteins are what determines the form of the child.  That being said, if you reorder or mix up the sequence of the genes of the child, you will get different sequences of codes, therefore different proteins and quantities, therefore altering the form of the child.

Through different forms of assortment and combinations that happen with the genes of the mother and father in meiosis, there are over 8 million variations that could be created to form the child.  In other words, there is over 8 million different ways a child could turn out according to the genes of the mother and father.  This figure of 8 million is only specific to one couple.  When you take into consideration that there are billions of people on the earth that could be viable parents, this figure of 8 million seems extremely small.  This is why, scientifically speaking, there are no two people alike.  This is why no two people have the same fingerprints or DNA.

This is the creative genius of our God.  Even though there are 8 million variation that you can become from your parents, despite the number being exponentially greater concerning the possible combinations of parents you could have, God knew you before your odds of variation were even a possibility!  Out of all the possibilities through God’s creation of genetics, he designed you specifically and had an intention for you before your parents even came together.  How intimate is that?

God has made YOU specifically the way you are, specifically for a purpose.  There is no chance, no ‘we will see’, no ‘let us see how this plays out’.  You have an identity (the way he made you), and purpose (what he designed you for) to create meaning for your existence. When Psalm 139 was written before genetics was even discovered, God wrote through His Holy Spirit to tell us that we are intentional.  We are specifically designed and created for the glory of God.  In fact, there is not one part of you that is not purposed by God.  If that does not make you feel warm, fuzzy and loved all over, I dunno what will!

You are specific and purposed.  You are important and full of meaning and talent.  And we haven’t even begun to discuss your empowerment and authority from your inheritance as a child of God.  🙂