Just because you are in God’s rest and fulfilling His purpose for your life, doesn’t mean that trouble will not find you.  I am saying this to you because sometimes, especially for me, trouble can have a tendency to suck the feeling of intimacy or the state of peace we have when we are in God’s rest out of us if we are not guarded.   This is the same tendency we have of doing things backwards by waiting for direction from a peaceful feeling when we should constantly be in a state of peace and using unrest as direction.  Rather than focusing on the trouble and having the feeling of intimacy and peace we have from being in God’s rest taken, it should do the opposite and strengthen our state of being in God’s rest because we are confident and bold in our belief of Christ!  But too many times we panic; we think that we did something wrong because trouble has come upon us.  This is inaccurate, and we will speak more about this when we talk about Belief and the character of God.  But for now, we see this in Job:

Job 5:19 (KJV):  He shall deliver thee in six troubles; yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.

It is apparent that trouble will come; it is simply the nature of living in a fallen and sinful world.  I would define the storm that Jesus encountered as trouble.  Another example of Jesus facing trouble is in Luke 4:29, when a crowd was so furious with Jesus that they tried to throw Him off a cliff!  But Jesus, in His state of peace and confidence simply walked through the crowd and left.  Jesus was perfect in action and faith, yet He still encountered trouble!  The difference in dealing with trouble is that when you are in God’s rest the troubles that do come upon you will not overtake you.  When you are overtaken by trouble, when you worry it is because you have succumbed to fear; this is evil “touching thee” in Job 5:19.  This is when fear has a hold on you, when it has control over you because it is the basis of your decision-making process.   Whenever you make decisions based on fear, they are most likely wrong choices that will create more problems for you later.  You will be fearless in the midst of trouble when your belief is rooted in the protection and provision of God.  This is you having faith in God, the confident expectation of good from Him.  When you have faith in Him and surrender every aspect of your life to Him, He will command His blessings and promises down upon you.  You will have His presence, anointing, protection, abundance, provision and healing; you will have LIFE!  This my friend, is intimacy with God.