IMG_3683I would have never thought that I would be interested in writing a blog, or that my wife (Renee) and I would together; or to think that I would have much of anything interesting to say.  Well, the truth is I really don’t.  Nothing more than anybody else I suppose.  I know Renee does.  She has lots of words to use up.  🙂  And she is full of wisdom.  So, it will be fun is to see what kind of fruit will come from this blogging that will be inspired by the Spirit.  He is faithful in giving us wisdom through people and their experiences when they are sensitive and obedient to Him.  This is the desire of the heart of Renee and I.  To be a vessel with experiences, some good, some miraculous, and some bad…..some very bad, that can be used by Jesus to bless whoever chooses to take the time and read about them.

This is all coming in order in the form of a book.  Again, writing a book is something that I never thought I or we would be doing.  Renee felt impressed that it would happen eventually, and I could vaguely see it. So, apparently it is now.  The brief story goes like this:  For about three weeks God impressed on me to write this said book.  And I knew that some day it would eventually happen, because I do feel that we have some knowledge through experiences that can bless people, and I know the wisdom of my wife is profound, as well as her experiences of not having a boyfriend for 13 years because she was waiting for the one God had for her (which was me!).  But I just had no idea that the time would be now.  So I waited.  I wanted to make sure that this was just not some fleshly desire of mine, that the synthesis of this desire was truly from Jesus.  So I decided to wait and put it on hold.  Well, the desire never went away.  It actually grew during those three weeks of waiting.  But I was still reluctant because I wanted to be SURE that it was not my own desire.  Then I went to my friend’s Night of Ministry.

These Nights of Ministry happen every other Sunday night.  For over a month I have been trying to go but for some reason, whether it was illness or youth group commitments, we have been unable to attend; except for this one and only time to date.  There I saw a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in years.  I was excited to see him, it was good catching up.  I haven’t spoken to him since God radically changed my life, and gave me the most precious gift I could never even imagine, my wife Renee.

So we are catching up, and Renee and I are giving him the executive summary of the amazing story of how God brought us together.  Then totally and completely out of the blue, he said, “I bet I know something about your husband that you don’t”.  Renee and I looked at each other and exchanged very confusing looks.  I had no idea what he was going to say.  Then he said, “Did you know that your husband wrote a book, a very good book on real estate?”  Renee was shocked, as was I.  She asked me why I kept this very fascinating detail from her.  I had no answer.  Just never thought of it.   The book I wrote was one of the main reasons I moved to MN.  We were going to start a Real Estate Internship, so I wrote the first intro to real estate book for the program.  It didn’t pan out, and I just never thought about it again.  I have seen my friend here and there for a few years after that, but we never spoke about it.  So after not seeing him for another two years or so after that, and that is one of the first things he says about me, and during a time when I am deliberating on writing this said book that I feel impressed too, it was amazing.

So, here we go.  Our heart is for it to be based on marriage, but as I am two chapters into it, it is also turning into a therapy model.  So many times through my education, I see therapies, marriage conferences, and books on how to improve a situation in your life.  I have studied models of therapy for counseling.  I have yet to come across a form of therapy that is based on your intimate relationship with Jesus.  Marriages need to be based on intimacy with Jesus.  People and their identity need to be based on Jesus.  So, this is what the book will be about, along with scientific studies that will back up Biblical principles, and along with the profound wisdom of my wife, Renee.

So, a book on science and the bible.  Kinda cray cray, huh?  But why not?  God created science.  Why wouldn’t we use it for God’s glory?  It will be fun to see what comes of this little project.  And if nothing does, it was a great learning experience.  So, this is the journey of Renee and I, and our book. 🙂